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This comprehensive step-by-step yoga book was designed for you to begin a yoga practice in the simplest way possible while in the comfort of your own home.  Lay the book open on the floor next to your mat, take your time and move slowly while learning to be comfortable in your own body.


You also have access to 28 videos designed as a companion piece to this book. The videos are a helpful visual aid as well as an opportunity to revisit the series again and again.


Excellent for everyone, regardless of fitness or flexibility level.

  • 183 pages of clear, easy-to-follow instructions with photos on every page.

  • Introductions to breath work, mindfulness, the chakras, the history, the effects of yoga on the body, mind and spirit, and so much more!

  • Access to 28, 15-20 minute online videos; one for each of the 27 days plus a guided meditation with music by Sheela Bringi.


  • Start or recharge a yoga practice in the comfort of your own home

  • Go at your own pace as you read instructions and study photos

  • Develop healthier habits

  • Learn about the history and philosophy of yoga

  • Feel at home in your body

  • Strengthen your intuitive wisdom

  • Awaken the healing power of your body's life force energy

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Enjoy a Full Class from the 27-Day Program

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