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Awareness   -   Release   -   Peace

Combining years of experience as a Toltec Guide with Transpersonal Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems and the accountability of classic life coaching training, I can help you take action in dissolving life-long blocks and limiting beliefs that have held you back from living with an empowered sense of clarity and joy. 

Our beliefs come from our programming by family, culture and media, often creating unconscious ways in which we hold our selves back and play small out of our desire to be lovable, regardless of the personal cost.  The voices of fear and long held defense mechanisms are directing the show. Through life coaching one can identify such false beliefs, choose to dismantle them, and build a more holistic and loving life based on the truth: you are unique and here for a reason that only you can live out. You are lovable just as you are.

Whether you are in major life-transition or simply feeling stuck, or wanting to explore the heights of your potential, my unique approach to life coaching will help you to create an inspired, peaceful and purposeful life, from the inside out. You will become the Artist of your Spirit, bringing your deepest heart's longings into form.

Somatic Experiencing trauma healing, psychedelic prep and integration, and spiritual guidance are my specializations. 

Without a connection to Other, something greater than and beyond the small self, no matter the outer successes a feeling of hollowness remains. Learn to trust your internal intuitive guidance system and live with an unwavering trust in your wholeness and connection to Source.


Request Coaching for:

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Psychedelic Consultations

  • Psychedelic Integration

  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing

  • Shadow Integration

  • Career Transition

  • Personal Health & Wellbeing

  • Relationship Guidance

  • Relationship Mediation

  • Clarity of Vision & Life Purpose

  • Life Transitions

  • Accountability and Support


Have a question before commiting?



  • Once you schedule your first session above, you can pay for 1 or sessions. You will be able to schedule your first appointment.

  • Appointments generally book 1-3 wks in advance.

  • Sessions are available in person or via zoom, the phone or FaceTime, and are in the Mountain Time Zone.

$160 per 60 min session

$600 for four 60 min sessions

Ask me about Sliding Scale



  • Upon confirmation of your appointment, I will send you an intake to fill out and help you get you focused and clear about your specific needs and goals. You can also complete the Intake here.

  • Take your time and hold space for your self-reflection. Fill out the form and email them back to me. I'll review, take notes and then we will begin together.



  • All sessions are one hour. We’ll start with a grounding meditation and then we’ll move into conversation. We’ll focus on your unique goals and the best approach and practices for your needs.

  • As needed, we will use Somatic Experiencing to heal trauma through the body.

  • You'll walk away with homework, strategy and specific take-aways to implement.

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