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Teaching yoga is one of my life's greatest passions.


I see yoga (the art of presencing and embodiment) as the perfect compliment to my other passion of psychology/personal development. I experienced through my own practice just what a profound impact yoga can have on the health of my body, psyche and heart, and I want to share this simply yet extraordinary technology with others.

Having received my training in Self Awakening Yoga in 2002, I am a 1000 hr Nosara Yoga Master Educator. I lead exploratory vinyasa classes, yin yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, pranassage, movement inquiries and Yoga Teacher Trainings as a way for YOU to access deeper aspects of your multidimensional self. 

You can learn more about my experience here.

Private Yoga

Great for:

Beginners - receive personal attention and focus on your body and needs. This can help you get comfortable with the practice before joining a group class. 

Advanced - learn how to take your yoga beyond a physical workout and actively awaken dormant aspects of the mind and body. 

Includes - meditation, breathwork, hands on assists, yin yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga and yoga nidra.

       60 min: $150

      60 min Duet:  $175

      60 min Pod:  $175

Online Classes

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